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NRK totem

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-art by 127-


In the year 2012 The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) commissioned us to create an North American Haida inspired totem for their new upcomeing tv-series “Hjem” (Home). The totem would be an important storyline-piece for the main character of the series.



The craft and art of Haida totems is not easily copied, and we certainly don’t have the cultural background to do it, nor do we have the motivation, so we decided to make a totem for our family home inspired by Haida. This felt right as the piece was only rented out to the production, and were going to end up at our place anyway. So we let the characters of the members in our house lead the way, and we searched the Haida tradition for inspiration on how to express ourselves.

The young eagle

The lynx and the fish

The badger and the stick



The raw material
Blue spruce (Picea pungens)

Picea pungens




A year earlier we had to take down a blue spruce in a rural area in Tønsberg, Norway due to it’s dominating size in our client’s urban garden. It would be a shame to let the logs go to waste so they were saved and stored until we could find a good use for them.


402039_177934165643835_178686340_n          404964_177934198977165_812115057_n


It was mid-winter so we brought them indoor to our workshop for further processing. The trunk was dry and ready for peeling before slabbing into a box shape.


426720_177938268976758_689951856_n          426797_177934325643819_121687117_n


Carver/arborist Maja transforming our idea onto wood by calculating scales


429015_182461768524408_96650465_n          426352_182446691859249_170669373_n


419130_180477012056217_1608382329_n          409164_182446851859233_1967869772_n


We burn the wood for preservation and texture


402149_182446891859229_1179445916_n          425626_182975025139749_1734666502_n


409527_184521738318411_1827649457_n          425595_184521644985087_1349201075_n


The eagles wings are drawn, cut and fitted. The material used for wings is oak (Quercus robur).

424655_182446581859260_332835719_n          401531_182446781859240_453774216_n


403276_182446741859244_1508630025_n          425782_182974841806434_372600412_n


The painter from the NRK production team arrive and gives the piece their desired colours for the event

403267_184522008318384_622426744_n          395820_184522314985020_1061360783_n


396295_184522108318374_599402856_n          322054_185213248249260_1259512958_o





The totem installed at the location and ready for the production







To be continued..


The art of niwaki


Fagus sylvatica Purpurea upscale niwaki session.

What an interesting day. This beech has been pruned hard again and again over many years.

It grows and lives by the sea near Vallø Marina outside Tønsberg, Vestfold (Norway).



The bark on the trunk bare marks of massive tagging with knives over many years, really beautiful.

(pics will come)

Now, the pruning of the tree had somehow stopped and it had grown wild for many years.





It was a great deal of joy to bring it down to size again and make it fit in greater harmony with its surroundings. The southside of the house needed air and light, and it was good to create form under the really great pine who rules that garden.




This was step one for Harpix,  hopefully there will be further steps to come over the years in this garden.



march 2016


Fagus sylvatica Purpurea

This particular tree was pruned in an unprofessional way some years ago, and as a result it had typically grown out of proportion, had lots of bad stumps and significant amount of deadwood.

The people living on the land cares for the tree but needed a solution to the situation as their beech was getting out of hand and becoming heavy and too dominant.

2012 -step one

The first session produced a nice result considering the condition it was in.

The crown was selectively thinned, deadwood was removed, and some experimental diamond pruning-cuts was applied.

It was set up for further pruning-steps in the future.

2016 -step two

The tree had grown very nice and controlled, so it was easy to continue with the plan.

The diamond pruning-cuts showed signs of good healing and the wound-wood was growing great and with a nice shape. Very little decay below the larger cuts, and it seems like they will grow together quikly and seal up well.
The medium-size cuts have completely sealed up already.

Cut-samples from the experiment was collected for further studies.

Deadwood was minimal.



Before step 2


After step 2


Early diamond pruning-cut shows good growt.


HHE house mark 2012


HHE house mark 2016


Environmental arboriculture.
The first day of testing Husqvarna batt.saw.


Crispi/Phanner boots.
The first day of testing their new model.

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Quick cheap chainsaw-carved bench


The family living on the land here had a large cypress they decided to remove, but they would love to have some of the lumber made into something they could use in the garden.

So the stumps was quickly carved into seats and a table on the spot, and they also got a logbench to put wherever.

And since it was friday they also got a little souvenir-chair carved out from the top of the tree (like every other client on fridays).